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Moments of Peace Part 17


Happy Friday!  To those of us in the US, hopefully you have a 3 day weekend coming up with Labor Day on Monday!  I know I’m looking forward to the extra day off.  I have had quite a busy week with 3 doctor appointments and I’ve been a bit more active.  The good news is that I made it through.  Woo hoo!  And before I forget, welcome to my new followers.  You are all rocking my word.  So how about my Moments of Peace for the week?

08/24/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Moody clouds coming in with a cheerful moon peaking through when it could.


08/24/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. There are lots of half circles that form within the clouds as they come rolling in from the coast and they usually happen right above the sun deck. Pretty cool.


08/25/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Little speck of moon in the left corner. Was so happy that day when the sun was going down. It was way too hot.


08/25/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Little white puffies as the moon says “Hi”.


08/26/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. The sky was quite dramatic. A nice way to start the morning.


08/26/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. I turned just a bit to the right as I stood in the same place as the last picture and there was this really bright blue sky and happy white puffies! Pretty different huh?


08/26/12 My view in Westchester, CA as day turns to night. Love the symmetry and notice the slight hue of pink. Caught my eye right away.


08/27/12 My view from my doctor’s exam room in Santa Monica, CA. As you can see the sun is soooo intense and it was so bright outside. These windows were tinted too. This office is on the 11th floor which makes the view so much better. Glad for the view because I have to wait so long for this doctor to see me. However, she has been worth it so far.


08/27/12 I sure do love my Cleo Kitty! Sometimes she likes to get really close to me. Looks like a professional posed us huh?  Oh and Hi Donald Duck!  He’s my favorite.  Thanks Lori!


08/27/12 My view in West LA today. Holy crazy bright sun!


08/28/12 My view on my walk in Beverly Hills, CA today.  I took a walk after acupuncture and came upon these flowers reaching out for me.  Love the bright orange and yellow!


08/28/12 My view on my walk in Beverly Hills, CA today. Notice the extra pink of the flowers on the tree as the sun shines through them. Not a sight I see often. Had to catch it!


08/28/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. These are supposed to be pre-rain clouds (and the idea of rain in LA in August sounded wonderful) and yet as usual the rain never came. Love when they are in the sky though. They look like they’re in some sort of formation.


08/29/12 My view from the sun deck as night arrives. This didn’t come out as clear as I wanted it to be BUT as you can tell, the moon’s light is definitely competing with all the man-made lights of LA!! Looked really nice.  Plus, you can see the lights of planes to the left above the horizon as they’re getting ready to land at LAX.  I always find that neat.


08/30/12 I had to share this. This was my treat to myself for lunch after my 3rd doctor (of the week) appointment yesterday. I walked to The Veggie Grill where there is NO MEAT and had me a “Buffalo Chickin’ Salad”. That is NOT real chicken but it sure does taste like it and it even looks meaty inside. SO YUMMY!


08/30/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA. Wow! Another crazy bright sun and VERY tall palm trees! Gets me woozy even now if I look at it too long.


08/30/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA today. Well hello vibrant magenta flowers. Thanks for making me smile!

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That’s me. I’m a walker.

I feel blessed to have two functioning legs that let me walk and will hopefully continue to do so.

AND thanks to Physical Therapy, a past of walking as a hobby, my journey of self care and my stubbornness:


Crazy. Can’t even believe it! I couldn’t have done it in the past. I definitely can’t plan to walk anymore days than this because when I PLAN it’s suddenly too hard and overwhelming. I would put sooooo much pressure on myself to do it and it wouldn’t happen. I also can’t tell myself how long I have to walk OR that I can only walk outside.

The trick is to take it one step at a time, one day at a time. I have walked EVEN when it’s been hot, sunny, I’ve been sick with infections, I’ve felt crappy–you name it. I still walk. I have to be creative too. I have a walking video I use inside my home. I have a walk that I do around the apartment (boy does that get old but it gets the job done). I have a walking/dancing meditation I do especially when I need to get frustration and extra pent up energy out. When I’m out at doctor appointments, I’ll make sure to take a walk around that area and around a block or two; or to a lunch spot. And of course I still take walks outside anyway. But I gotta change it up.


And my legs thank me for it. My body feels stronger. I’m able to stand in one place for longer periods of time. I’m able to get out a bit more and live my life. Those far away parking spaces don’t seem as far away anymore. The walk through the grocery store isn’t so tiring.

By taking off the pressure I am able to keep going. It’s not always so easy to take off the pressure and have expectations. I find I do EXPECT to walk every day and there have been a few days I’ve heavily considered taking a break and I get upset that I might miss a day. BUT then I find myself walking.

How many more days in a row can I keep on walking?

I’ll letcha know. For now I’m thrilled that I’ve made it over 4 months–


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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 18

OK then.  Let’s get this party started!


1.  Don’t You (Forget About Me) (Movie: Breakfast Club)  By: Simple Minds

LOVE the Breakfast Club!  One of my favorite movies EVER!!!  And with an all star cast it helps even more.  And yes, this song is WAYYYY overplayed and still is now.  And enter random guy I’m guessing is the lead singer.  I have no idea what they look like.  And now he’s doing theatrical dancing.  OK then.  Nice outfit nice hair nice lighting with a huge shadow.  What’s with all the TVs showing random people?  Why do we care about them?  Oh and there’s the band in the back shadow.  Does he think he’s cool with his long arm swishes?  Nice plaid jacket.  WHAT THE?!  Why is there a rocking horse on screen and on set?  HELP!  Now there’s a random scary clown face!  I think I may wanna forget about you if you keep this up.  What is all of that stuff scattered at his feet?  Careful.  Don’t trip.  Whoa.  Just noticed his pants are pulled WAY up.  Too funny.  He may be the WORST LIP SYNCER EVER!  Look at him at the juke box not even keeping up with the “hey hey hey”…Oh phew.  NOW we see scenes from the Breakfast Club on the TV screen.  Was wondering if we’d ever see any of that.  And now I’m getting seasick.  Why is the room messier?  Keep on doing those weird claps.  Well now, that was a weird trip…


2. Looking For a New Love  By: Jody Watley

She was kinda cool way back when.  I remember this song really well.  As a young gal I liked her attitude.  She was telling HIM how it was.  So there.  OK.  Wet feet.  Guy checking watch.  Shot of her.  OH and then an old red phone.  Awesome.  Hmmm.  Where’s the audio?  Is there something wrong with my volume?  No.  There is something there.  Am I supposed to hear it?  Excuse me.  What is she doing with her hands down his back?  Shall I cover my eyes?  HEY there’s the music!  That was really awkward.  Cool spiral staircase.  I think this song was overplayed too.  I think when and if I ever danced to this song (probably in my bedroom behind closed doors and holding a brush as a mic) I tried to walk like she does to the beat.  That seemed cool.  I was rad.  Creepy big shadow hand reaching for her unspeakables.  Who made this?  Nice hair.  Oh OK.  Now she’s singing.  Was wondering…Awesome outfit.  Now that I watch this I’m not sure what I liked about her voice.  Those guys look like they feel silly.  You tell HIM honey.  That’s right.  Cool hat.  What is with these creepy shadow hands trying to grab her?!  Why are there random leaves flying at her?  It’s as if they were trying some new video effects and didn’t care if they fit the song or not.  Hee hee!  He’s tied up.  Get it?  Nice arrow pointing to her cleavage.  Those fireworks look dangerous!  OK.  What just happened?


3. Money For Nothing  By: Dire Straits

My specific memory of this growing up was listening to it on the radio in my parents’ car and it was New Year’s Eve and they were doing one of those BEST OF Countdowns and I think this was Number One.  Wish I could remember the year.  Anyway, I think we all liked the song and my Dad turned it up.  I don’t know why I thought it was so neat that we all liked the song.  Remember how revolutionary this song was with its computer graphics?  Still looks really great!  And yes, we ALL thought MTV was cool back then.  If only it still played music videos ONLY.  Cool.  Digital and analog mesh together!  Gee, did they see the future or what?  That was so long ago.  Awesome animated guitar played by a human hand.  All kinds of things are animated in a human world.  Nice!  You gotta admit, there is something so cool about a computer animated guy watching humans on TV.  Oh yeah.  I forgot all about that.  Is that Sting singing back up at times?  I just like his headband.  We do love our stuff.  Great point in this song.  Look at what’s become of us with all this technology?  I wouldn’t be able to do this Blog right now without it.  Goodness.  That lady is quite scantily clad.  I like the dog.


4. One Night In Bangkok  By: Murray Head

Ha!  I loved the beat of this song!  The ’80s were awesome!  I thought they were so cool.  Fun song.  Nice special effects with the checkerboard.  Aaaahhh!  Isn’t she gonna close her eye so that white square doesn’t go into it?  Love all of this smoke in this overly dramatic scene.  I have no idea what’s happening!  Oh sure.  Yep he’s singing.  Oh and look.  They’re playing chess on a checkerboard floor.  Get it?  She has quite a lot of make up on huh?  I feel disconnected in some way.  I think the whole video is.  Oh my goodness.  Is that the band?  Awesome.  I had no idea that’s what they looked like.  Neat shot looking up through the chessboard.  Funny how I really have no idea what the words are in this song.  Goodness.  Sooooo many stereotypes in this.  Insults galore!  And now we have a lit chessboard.  Nice!  Aren’t we all dancing on a chessboard?  Isn’t life just a game anyway?  How deep are we???  Those women aren’t wearing pants!


5. Smooth Operator  By: Sade

We all know this song don’t we?  How can we not?  It was played enough.  I’ll admit, I actually like Sade now more than I did way back when.  I like how soothing her voice can be.  When I was in college and working on television production shoots we’d sing, “Boom Operator” instead and now that’s all I sing instead of the actual words.  Oh the things that stick with you.  Lots of extras were hired for this video looks like.  And we’re in some sort of club.  I think I know where this is going…I bet that guy is a SMOOTH OPERATOR.  What?  Spoilers???  Oh and there she is.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without her hair pulled back like that.  Cool set.  Lots of red.  Whoa.  Her head’s shining at me.  I wonder if this is a real place.  Kinda looks like it.  Is she the only one wearing white?  Is that because she’s innocent or something?  I love how she sings, “Ask”.  Ha!  Look at that old film projector!  Love it.  Wait, what’s all this?  Ohhhh.  The SMOOTH OPERATOR was caught in the act…Uh oh.  There’s a gun.  What???  He has another woman?  Oh and look at Sade.  Her hair’s down a bit.  He’s wearing quite a short robe there.  So she hired a PI?  Is that what’s happening?  I’m confused.  Is Sade supposed to be upset there?  She doesn’t look it.  Oh and he’s married?  To who?  Which one?  Yep.  That’s an ice bucket.  Are those supposed to be tears going down her cheeks?  Perhaps she should just keep singing and not acting.


Did you have fun?  Got any ’80s memories to share?  Would love to see them!!!

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I have a one track mind today. It’s called ACUPUNCTURE AT 3PM TODAY!!!!!

My body has had more than enough of this sun and heat and so have I! Yes, it’s summer and Blah Blah Blah but for goodness sakes, I need some relief!

Sure, air conditioning is fabulous and closed blinds help but there’s only so much a cool dark cave can do. When it’s hot it’s HOT. My body knows it. I can’t fool it. I tend to hold in the heat and stock up on it just in case I end up freezing one day (hmm, it’s been YEARS since that’s happened) and I am rarely ever cold. I also am a sponge to humidity and suck in the dampness and then I’m really in trouble. Heat and dampness don’t mix well in a multiple scleroris/lupus world. Nope. No they don’t.

Heck, MS and lupus don’t mix together either but that’s a whole other topic.

I’m grateful to have found acupuncture years ago and been willing to try it. It’s not a cure but it sure has reduced my body temperature a great deal. I still remember my first appointment and treatment with this wonderful lady. She told me I carried too much heat and dampness and she was going to cool me down and dry me out. I HAD NO IDEA the effect it would really have on me. While I laid on that table in that strange room with all these weird needles in me (DON’T LOOK) with a lovely eye pillow on my eyes and relaxing music playing in the background, I started feeling what felt like a door/window open in my right arm and it was like this rush of cool air started working its way in up my arm, across my shoulders and into my left arm and kept going throughout my body. I was convinced it was someone turning on the AC or was blowing a fan on me. Nope. It was the effect of acupuncture and because I was so seriously boiling hot internally the relief was almost overwhelming! When I told my Acupuncturist about my physical sensations, she was thrilled. It was exactly what she was hoping for and yet she was baffled. She said I must be really sensitive because most people aren’t so aware of how they’re feeling during their treatment and will tell her later instead of right then. (I continue to be that sensitive years later and she says she LOVES to treat me because she gets more of an idea of what works and what doesn’t with me.)

After a few more treatments I was committed to keep on going with these acupuncture treatments. In fact, the relief of the intensity of symptoms (my body was throbbing with symptoms at that point) had me on a big HIGH a few weeks later because it was like the endorphins knew how to function again and the ABSOLUTE PLEASANTNESS I felt was unbelievable. I was bouncy and unbelievably light and happy. Everything was GREAT! Now realistically that didn’t last but it was a nice feeling to have at the time. I had NO IDEA I COULD FEEL BETTER…

I soon found acupressure treatments at the same office and swear by those too. It is acupressure that has loosened up my body the most and helped me to function with daily activities and in the world.


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Cheesecake Pie Yumminess!

Last Friday I was looking for creative projects to do for my sanity and I decided I was FINALLY up to whipping up this Cheesecake Pie!

Came out pretty darn good!


As someone with multiple sclerosis and lupus, I’m always looking for creative ways to express myself because otherwise I’d explode into little pieces and no one would like to have to clean that up.  Soooo, one of the ways I do that is to bake and make yummy desserts.  And since it’s summer and intensely hot and sunny I really can only handle making desserts that don’t require baking.  I whipped up this cheesecake pie thanks to an already made graham cracker crust, lactose free milk and a Jello Cheesecake mix.  I got out my mixer and mixed away.  I think I need to come up with more things to mix because I really enjoy doing it!

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I used lactose free milk and that’s because I found out I’m quite sensitive to dairy.  I have also used soy milk in the past and think I will again next time.  It still comes out with a great consistency and I think it tastes better!  I have also been known to put chocolate chips in the cheesecake part and on top.  I highly recommend doing so.  It adds an even yummier flare!

So there you go!  It was nice to be able to make something and use my hands.  Perhaps soon I’ll actually feel up to making a REAL cheesecake.  Hmmm….

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Moments of Peace Part 16

It sure has been a week hasn’t it?  Goodness.  I felt better the first 3 days and then I felt worse the last 2, although today is a lot better.  I’ve been doing creative projects all day, like recoloring my hair purple.

Welcome to my new followers.  You are all awesome!

08/17/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Love me some rays through the clouds!

08/17/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Oranges and pinks. Lovely.

08/17/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night.  Moody skies.  The sun is starting to set and move across the horizon.  Should be back to this area by October.

08/18/12 I sure do love these 2!

08/18/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. Something about the way the branches are reaching into the sky…

08/19/12 Look at those colors and the depth! Amazing!

08/19/12 My view in Westchester, CA as day turns to night.  I like the hint of sun rays coming through the needles.

08/19/12 My view in Westchester, CA as day turns to night. I think this picture speaks for itself. I LOVE IT!

08/20/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Love those floating wispies!

08/20/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. More floating wispies coming in from the coast as the sunset glows…

08/21/12 My view in West LA. Colors everywhere!

08/21/12 My view on my walk in West LA. Look at all those branch arms reaching for the sky.

08/22/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Nice little sliver of moon.

08/22/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. The sun’s peakin’ at me.

08/24/12 My view from the sun deck as night arrives. Looks like they’re all gonna get beamed up into the sky with all that light. Not sure what that was about.

08/23/12 My view from the sun deck as night arrives. More glowy night sky. The clouds were really low. Look at that! It’s Corey!

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It’s An ’80s Kinda Day Part 17!

Hi!  And we’re back with more ’80s!!


1. Glamorous Life  By: Sheila E.

Well now isn’t this already interesting.  Black and white and everyone’s in cool costumes!  Just jump right in!  I think it was a fantasy of mine as a young gal to live a glamorous life.  I thought, sure I don’t need a man BUT what about all those Prince Charmings we keep seeing in all the Disney Fairy Tales?  I was so confused.  Always loved the beat of this.  Fun to bebop to.  Wow, she has some big hair on top of her head there.  And is she playing the drums while singing?  Interesting.  Awesome shoulder pads.  I think they’re as tall as her hair.  Help!  She just winked at me.  Holy eye makeup!  Now that is a big bulky fur coat.  And that other woman looks like she’s gonna fall out of that dress.  Geezum!  Oh nice.  The whole band is stepping and moving to the same beat.  Of course they are.  What is with that fake fire behind those windows on the street?  Throw those drum sticks!  Awesome that her band is color coordinated.  I think I’m kinda stunned by her outfit actually.  Message: boys are trouble.  ARE THEY EVER!


2. Shattered Dreams  By: Johnny Hates Jazz

Another DEEP favorite of mine.  Sooooo melodramatic.  Those shattered dreams are devastating I tell you!  I think this is another one hit wonder.  First thing I see is a sign on a doorknob that says, “Do Not Disturb”.  Does that mean I can’t disturb the song?  I don’t get it.  Black and white. I’m sure they all thought they were cool to be retro and dramatic.  Nice shot of the drop of water falling from a finger.  Wonder how long they had to wait for that perfect drop.  Aaaaahhhh!  The big face is gonna attack the singer!  Who knew the singer was kinda cute?  Oh no!  Now he’s standing on her breasts!  Shouldn’t someone alert her?  Will someone please take that wisp of hair out of his eye?  It’s driving me crazy!  OK his outfit is just awesome.  Soooo ’80s.  Why do I feel like he really doesn’t care about what he’s singing?  I mean, fella, these are SHATTERED DREAMS!  This is SERIOUS.  And she’s not scared that he’s now in her hand?  This woman is so oblivious.  Alright alright.  We get that you’re a tiny stalker and so is your whole band.  Geez.  What is with all the dripping water references?  What am I missing?  Will someone please give her a napkin to wipe her chin?  OK.  Well at least she’s freaking out!  OK then.  This is a very serious and sad song and the video alludes to it.  Well, my mood’s been kinda squashed.  Don’t think the video really fit what the line, “You said you’d die for me” really meant…


3. Voices Carry  By: ‘Til Tuesday

Love the sound of this song.  Pretty funky.  And she rocks.  Love her hair.  Awkward actor talking in the beginning.  Glad he read his lines right then.  Yeah, what’s with the hair?  How dare she have cool hair?  And she’s supposed to be with that guy?  He is totally uncool.  Most boring set ever.  This is one of the songs I used to like to belt out as a teenager.  Best red outfit ever.  Nice hat.  And he’s with her?  Anyone believe that he’d ever be with her?  Seems like he thinks he’s too cool for her.  Nice frilly black gloves.  Neat silhouette of her against the window shade…or is that wax paper?  Would’ve been a good idea to at least get a flashback of what she looked like before she supposedly “redid” her look.  Look at her storm off down the road.  Deep thoughts by lame guy as he watches her.  Worst actor EVER!  So wait, is her obviously fake black wig supposed to be what she looked like before?  I’m confused.  Will someone please tell her he’s not that great?  Yep.  That’s a Carnegie Hall sign.  Thanks for sharing.  Soooo empowering as a young lady (hmm, was I ever a lady–but anyway) watching her sing really loud in the audience!!!  My favorite!  She finally told him!  Random snotty woman shot.  Next time I’m in a quite snooty audience I’m gonna stand up and belt out a song too.  Looks like so much fun!


4. I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)  By: The Proclaimers

I never saw Benny and Joon but I hear it was cute.  Come on let’s all sing along!  You know you wanna!  OK.  There they are singing with a green screen in the background and we see the movie playing.  This isn’t that well done.  Interesting that it was accepted as OK.  I forget.  Were these guys twins?  Gotta love the glasses and their accents.  Gee do you think the radio stations played this into the ground enough?  Of course now I’m not gonna be able to get this out of my head for the next week.  Johnny Depp’s so cute isn’t he?  They look so stiff standing there and singing.  Did anyone hear an echo?  Sing it!  Da da da da!  Da da da da!  So I’m just wondering, is this 500 miles all at one time or could we maybe take breaks?  I mean, that could get really tiring.  Just sayin’.  They have big lips.


5. I Feel For You  By: Chaka Kahn

Guy sounds like he has a hairball.  So who sings this?  I can’t seem to tell right away in the song.  Perhaps Chaka Kahn?  Who’s the guy singing in the beginning?  Random UnCredited Guy maybe?  Are those records?  I almost forgot what they looked like.  She’s always had Big Hair huh?  Seems like it even recently when I’ve seen her she does.  Look at that!  They all have awesome ’80s clothes on!  Oh the puffiness.  She’s a bad lip syncer too.  Is it me or does she sound like she’s singing in a tunnel or something?  I’ve always thought that.  Weird.  You know there’s nothing as sexy as singing in front of a fence in a studio.  Some pretty flexible dancers in this.  Pretty funny that the dancers were all shot separately from her.  Definitely don’t miss those shoulder pads.  Nice yellow cape-like jackets.  This song is really long and it doesn’t even have that many lyrics!  Where have all the checkered outfits gone?


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I have survived 2 years and 2 days with a lupus diagnosis!

Go me!

2 years ago when I was diagnosed, I felt symptoms that had to have been traumatically horrible and unfathomable because I have blocked out those physical sensations. When I look back on those 1st few days with a new label of a lupus diagnosis, I can’t really remember how I felt physically–not really.<em. I just know it was horrible because of how I felt mentally. I know the basic symptoms I had BUT there's a block there and that's OK with me. I'd rather not relive those awful symptoms and to that intensity EVER again. Sure I still feel most of those symptoms and perhaps some more but with changing my outlook about ME, treatment, proactive doctors, and people like you it's less intense.

As hard as it has been to have multiple sclerosis and then to add on lupus, I am truly grateful for my path of recovery. I have trudged and I have struggled and I am losing it these days due to the intense sunshine and heat, BUT my path is crowded and yet more peaceful. It is crowded with so many people who have been there with me and for me through all of it. Words can't describe how touched I am that I am NOT going through this ALONE. It is so easy to isolate with chronic illness AND YET you never let me–even when I might want to.

I often feel overwhelmed by all of the hard work it takes to handle medical business (insurance, bills, doctors, medications…), self care (rest, exercise, healthy eating, meditation, having fun, having a life, socializing, living for me…), a life that is currently on Disability (thank goodness for it but it drives me absolutely crazy–I highly recommend it if you need it BUT I will not sugarcoat it: IT IS A HARD BATTLE TO FIGHT–yet totally worth it), etc.


I also often feel wonderfully (please don't stop) overwhelmed by all of the love, support, encouragement, positivity, relationships and connecting, the hugs, the smiles, the prayers, the gifts, the willingness to be there for me for what I need. Tears are running down my face right now as I write this because I KNOW you are all here with me. I'm learning to accept it too. That can be hard. I can't do this on my own and it is so hard to ask for help BUT it has all been truly a gift. And to stop and smell the roses and look at the sky are truly wondrous to me. Heck even my PURPLE HAIR has helped me free myself! I DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR THAT before. I wish I had MADE the time.

And so I leave you with this:


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Moments of Peace Part 15

Well it has been quite an intense week.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to write this post today because I’m currently sick with some sort of infection that includes laryngitis and since I’ve started antibiotics last night I’ve been feeling better.  To be honest, that is AMAZING!  I’m not exaggerating.  I can’t remember any time I’ve been sick that I’ve taken antibiotics and felt better the morning after starting them the night before.  It was a good thing to catch this really early.  My body can’t afford to get HORRIBLY SICK.  Fortunately, I have doctors who agree and push that on me.  So here’s hoping I can get back on my feet again soon.

On another note before I get on with my Moments of Peace, I’ve been getting inquiries from people reading my Blog asking if they can recommend my Blog to others.  YES PLEASE!  That would be great.  One of my goals is to connect with others.  The more the better.  We can all help each other.

And now for my Moments of Peace:

08/10/12 My view in West LA in the afternoon. It was so dang hot that day. I think the intensity of the sunlight really shows it. Something about how green these tree leaves are struck me. It’s not like we get rain here but it sure is more humid than it used to be.

08/10/12 My view in Culver City, CA in the afternoon. And the heat continued. LOVE the bold color!!! Caught my eye right away.

08/10/12 A lovely view of my Cleo Kitty and I. She loves to cuddle with me on the couch in this position. Love her so much!

08/10/12 My view from my balcony as day turns to night. The evening skies have really been catching my eye this week no matter where I am. Summer skies are gorgeous!

08/10/12 My view from my balcony as day turns to night. I’m always in awe of how the sun reflects on the clouds–notice the edges here.

08/11/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. Summer sun setting with little white wispy clouds.

08/12/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. All kinds of clouds happening at once up there.

08/13/12 My view from my doctor’s office in Santa Monica, CA today. It was another really hot day with mega intense sun. Everything is so bright. Loving the view on the horizon.

08/13/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA. Hello bright sun!

08/13/12 My view on my walk in Santa Monica, CA. These were a pretty color and so calming. Anyone know what they are?

08/14/12 My view from the sun deck as day turns to night. You can’t really see it here but there were levels of color that were fascinating me. The color right near the horizon was purple.

08/15/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. I was breath taken by all the sights in the sky. The sunrises this week have been beautiful.

08/15/12 My view from the sun deck in the afternoon. There was an artist in the sky that day. I could see so many images in those clouds. What can you see? And look at that blue!!!

08/15/12 My view from the sun deck in the afternoon. There’s even more artistry in another part of the same sky. Loved how these clouds fell into place here.

08/15/12 My view from my balcony as day turns to night. The show just kept going from my balcony. I had to catch these moments.

08/15/12 My view from my balcony as day turns to night. ‘Twas quite a remarkable sky all day. And thus the pinks started showing up. I couldn’t stop gawking at it.

08/15/12 My view from my balcony as day turns to night. The pink flames started.

08/15/12 My view from my balcony as day turns to night. These pictures don’t do this sunset justice but I think you get the idea.

08/16/12 My view from my balcony as morning arrives. Billowy clouds…more pretty.

08/16/12 My view in West LA as day turns to night. So white and so blue. I was walking next door to pick up my antibiotics for my sickies and saw this. Helped me to relax a bit. (And yes, I’m very lucky to have my pharmacy right next door.)

08/16/12 Thought I might’ve heard some grand declaration of music in this one with the way the sun’s rays are declaring themselves through the clouds! Loved it!

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Sicky Icky

Yep. I guess I don’t feel yucky enough and now I’m sick.

Not terrible sick. Been dealing with laryngitis since last Sunday and every time I think it’s cleared up it comes back. My Pulmonologist (yes I have one of those too) had told me awhile back to do a gargle with salt water and honey and it really helps a lot. BUT it wasn’t the answer to the issue. It just sorta soothed things.

So today I woke up and I felt OK. And then I started to feel really heavy and it felt like my body was crashing. It’s been a pretty intense week. I thought it was probably my body catching up with me. So I went back to bed to get some more sleep. When I woke up later I felt worse. You know, you go back to bed to try to get some more sleep to try to feel better right? Ha! This was one of those sucky times of waking up feeling worse.

This time I felt an overall feeling of yuck–I’ve since learned it’s malaise but what kind of word is that? It’s yuck. It’s bleh. Sick. My laryngitis had gotten lots worse and I felt heavy and gross. Then a bit of a cough started. I’ve learned a long time ago to address my cough immediately if I even get a slight hint of one starting. I can’t play the game and wait to see what happens. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS…

And NOW my doctors all agree that I need to not only address it on my own (go figure) BUT I need to call them right away so they can help me take care of things. Amazing really that I have doctors that pay attention to this and are proactive. They DON’T want me getting sick–so sick that I can’t function even more. I have a tendency to go from slightly sick to HORRIBLE.

Soooo, even though I kept thinking in my head I could tough it out and do it on my own (been working out really great since Sunday as the no voice nonsense started), I dialed my doctor and found myself talking to someone on the other end right away.

And after waiting for hours for a response I did get a call back and ANTIBIOTICS it is. Good times. These have messed up my digestive system in the past so we’ll see what happens. My doctor told the nurse to tell me (don’t remember the exact words of course), “This is the deal. I understand she has stomach issues and she has a concern but we need to take care of this infection now. She can’t afford to get worse with her immune system the way it is. Tell her to take the Z-Pack and then call us and tell us how she’s doing. Tell her to promise she will. We know she has a tendency toward infections and it’s been awhile and we don’t need to be on a cycle of never ending infection if we can help it. But she has to PROMISE she’ll call me.” And she made me promise and I did like a good girl.

I really don’t need to be more sick. I addressed this early I think so hopefully it nips it in the bud. I decided I didn’t need to be coughing up a lung this time and to be completely miserable. But I’m sicky icky. I’m so tired of not feeling good. I’m so tired of all of this.

Yet somehow living in the solution helps a lot.

So I should probably go start the meds. Here I go. Wish me luck!!!

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