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Victory!: Snickerdoomolasses Cookies!

Look at what I baked today!  These are what I call Snickerdoomolasses Cookies!  They are a yummy mistake!

Smelling yummy!

Looking yummy!

Yummy Everywhere!

When I feel up to it and the time is right, I LOVE to bake!  It’s great to get in there with my hands and make yummy art.  I am a very creative person and if I am not expressing myself enough I feel it.  Baking is a wonderful way to release stress and it is also very helpful for my stiff and achy hands to get moving.  With multiple sclerosis and lupus I’m not able to bake as much (takes up a lot of energy and when fatigue is present it turns into a chore instead of something good for me)  as I’d like or to bake from scratch that often but I’m an old friend of Betty (you know, Ms. Crocker–I’m guessing you’re familiar with her), Duncan (of the Mr. Hines sort) and the cute little white doughboy and they have helped me a lot.

What’s so cool about today is that I made an Oops by adding WAY too much butter to the molasses cookie mix and I didn’t give up everything and let it ruin my day.  I remembered I had a snickerdoodle cookie mix in the cupboard too and I added some of that which saved us all from a disaster!  It came in with its cape blowing in the breeze and added what it could to the dough.  Isn’t that nice?  Thanks to me, your Saturdays have not been ruined by my baking mistake (gotta love how I think I’m the only one who’s ever made a mistake baking or cooking) and I have come up with a new cookie.  Introducing the Snickerdoomolasses Cookie!

And are they in fact yummy, you ask?  Well, it just so happens that as I was moving the cookies to the plate one of them broke and we couldn’t have that now could we?  So, I tried it and it was yummy…it was melt in your mouth yummy (you know, just a LITTLE bit of butter had been added in the beginning…)!  Victory!  Go me!  It worked!  It is so satisfying to try something and have it work out.

I think I would also like to note that I’m feeling better today than I have in awhile.  The MS and lupus have been kinda quiet for me so far.  I’ll take whatever I can get.  And again, go me!  Another victory!  Gotta focus on the victories where I can find them and stockpile them for use on harder days.

That’s my good news for the weekend.  Looks like Saturday is working out so far.  Yay!  Hope you all have a great weekend!  And many many thanks to those of you who are reading my Blog!!!  You are all so awesome!!!



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