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Introducing Purple-Haired Me!

Hey that's me with Purple Hair!

Hi.  Yep.  That’s me.  There I am standing on the sun deck where I like to go and take sunset pictures almost every night.  I bet soon I’ll be posting them on here soon.  Don’t mean to do advertising for some other companies in this picture but they’ve been there for me all these years.  You know.  We go way back (been living in this current abode for almost 8 years I think).

Yes, it's a purple hair shoot! I love my purple hair!

It sure was windy that day!  My goodness.  This is another angle of the sun deck.  I know you were all wondering.

Crazy purple curly hair! Can't help but love this picture.

Holy Windy!  This is probably my favorite picture of the shoot.  Gotta love the wacky curls and those purple streaks.

Disclaimer: Purple washes out quickly so I need to re-purple every week.  Thankfully it’s not a hard thing to do or you can bet your booty I wouldn’t do it.  The neatest thing about it is that the purple hue changes every time I re-apply.  Helps keep it fun and reminds me that change is always in the air!







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