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It’s an ’80s Kind Of Day…

I’m feeling pretty sad today.  Sending out lots of love.  I know some people who need it.  I’m thinking I need to save some love for myself too I guess.  On sad days I find that my immediate remedy is ’80s music.  That usually helps.  And so, because I’m not in the mood to write more here is a list of 5 of my old favorites.  Thought it would be fun to share them with ya!  What are your favorites?

1. Tainted Love By: Soft Cell

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the video before.  I’m kind of scared now.  Love the black eyeliner but what on earth are those wing things in his hair?  And what’s with the mini skirt he’s wearing?

2. A-Ha: Take On Me

I mean who doesn’t love this video?  It was so cool for the times.  The animation rocked!  Not sure if I’d be freaked out that an animated hand was reaching out of the book at me or not…I mean if he was cute…anyway, the idea of going between both worlds is classic. And don’t we all just wanna save the sweating cute guy at the end?

3. Starship: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

OK so Starship used to be Jefferson Airplane but who cares?  They sang a song I just loved way back when for one of my favorite ’80s movies, “Mannequin”.  Loved seeing the old clips from the movie here in this video and hey, they’re even cooler because they “look” like they’re on the movie set at times too.  And wait, are those mannequins of them or are they REAL?

4. Michael Jackson: Billie Jean

I just had to add this one to the list!  Michael Jackson defined the ’80s.  And who doesn’t remember this Billie Jean gal blaming Michael Jackson and saying he’s “the one”?  Of course, I was a kid at the time it came out and had no idea what he was being blamed for but I didn’t care.  Billie Jean IS NOT his lover!  OK?!  Brilliant aspect of the video: everywhere he steps the floor lights up underneath him and then the bed lights up too?  I tell ya the spotlight was on him from then on wasn’t it?

5. Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just Want To Have Fun (or to put it better: Girls Just WANNA Have Fun)

That Cyndi.  Always causing trouble wanna-ing to have fun with that crazy hair and funky make-up!  Don’t think I remember all those silly graphics in the video.  I think I wanna be in a video and sway back and forth the whole time.  And would you look at that?  Don’t we all just wanna have fun?  Look at all those people dancing.  Hey, who’s that “normal” guy coming to see her with flowers?  Don’t think I remember that part either.

Hope you enjoyed my trip back in time.  I know I did.  I needed that.  Do you have any you want to share?  Please do.  I love seeing old music videos.

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